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We just recently returned from the Green Bay area visiting friends and exploring the stunning landscapes and the wonderful hospitality of the Wisconsin people. From indulging in fresh cheese curds and sipping on locally brewed beers to exploring the stunning landscapes around the Green Bay area and relishing the rich flavours of smoked foods and freshly caught fish, to embracing the beautiful down-to-earth people of Wisconsin.


Green Bay, Wisconsin, is located in the northeastern part of the state. Green Bay is situated at the mouth of the Fox River, which empties into the southern end of Green Bay, an arm of Lake Michigan. This strategic location has historically made it an important hub for transportation and industry. It is also famously home to the Green Bay Packers, an NFL team with a strong local and national following.


Getting There:

There are a few ways to get to Green Bay from our home town of Windsor, Ontario. Windsor, Ontario Canada is located across the river from Detroit, Michigan. There are a few ways to get to Green Bay from our location. Going there we decided to drive to Muskegon and then take the Lake Express Car Ferry to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and then a 2 hour drive north up to Green Bay. 

On our way home we decided to drive up through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, over the Mackinac Bridge and then back down through Michigan to home. This was a beautiful scenic drive. The drive was roughly 7.5 hours each way.

Other options could have been to drive over to Chicago and up to Wisconsin or alternatively flying from Detroit to Green Bay (GRB). I love to use Kayak for searching flights. I will usually do my research on Kayak and then book directly with the airline.

Visiting Green Bay and surrounding area

We began our trip in Green Bay where we stayed for 2 nights at the beautiful Hotel Northland Autograph Collection. In Green Bay we visited Lambeau Field, attended an outdoor concert with a local Wisconsin band, enjoyed the Wednesday night Farmers Market and visited local bars. From there we ventured up to Door County where we rented e-bikes and visited the quaint town of Fish Creek and the State Park. The sites and scenery were incredibly beautiful. On our last 2 nights we stayed at our friends cottage, and had some amazing meals! Follow along on our 4-day visit to Green Bay and the surrounding areas. Here are some of the highlights of our itinerary!


Lambeau Field is a historic American football stadium located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It serves as the home field for the Green Bay Packers, one of the oldest and most storied franchises in the National Football League (NFL). Opened in 1957, Lambeau Field is renowned for its passionate fan base, famously referred to as the “cheeseheads,” and its frigid game-day conditions, earning it the nickname “The Frozen Tundra. Beyond hosting NFL games, Lambeau Field offers a rich experience with its Packers Hall of Fame, stadium tours, and the adjacent Titletown district, which features a range of dining, entertainment, and recreational activities.

Our first stop on our Green Bay tour was enjoying cold beers and appetizers at the  Hinterland brewery & restaurant.


If you get a chance to check out the newly opened Legacy Hotel. Located just steps away from Lambeau field. If you get a chance I would highly recommend having a craft cocktail at their rooftop bar called Cardinal’s Crest. It has some great views of Lambeau Field and Titletown. Another Packer fan bar favourite is called Stadium View Sports Bar and Grill.


Green Bay Farmers Market

The Green Bay Farmer’s Market is every Wednesday throughout the summer. It is one of Wisconsins biggest Farmers Market. More than 110 vendors line the streets selling homemade crafts, to fresh produce, flowers, food trucks galore and some tasty craft brews. There is music playing, great food and it is the place to be! 

I had the most amazing chicken shish kabob served with a piece garlic toast on top! It was delicious. I tried to recreate at home and I have to say it was pretty darn close to the same! Watch my video below and let’s make it together here!


The Foods of Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s culinary landscape is a delightful reflection of its rich agricultural heritage and diverse cultural influences, making it a paradise for food lovers. Known as “America’s Dairyland,” Wisconsin offers some of the finest cheeses and dairy products in the country, with cheese curds and artisan cheeses being local favourites. From traditional fish fries, supper clubs, and Wisconsin Booyah (hearty stew traditional to the Green Bay and Fox River Valley regions of Wisconsin) the food here is something to talk about.

There are so many exceptional foods here that truly make it a food lover’s paradise! Here are the one’s I must mention:


Brews & Cues

Green Bay, Wisconsin, offers a treasure trove of dive bars that capture the city’s authentic and unpretentious spirit. These hidden gems, each with its own unique character, serve as gathering spots for locals and visitors alike, creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re cheering on the Packers with fellow fans, shooting a game of pool, or simply soaking in the local culture, the dive bars of Green Bay promise a memorable and genuine Wisconsin experience.


My friend’s dad owns a bar in Green Bay called Brewskie’s. A Green Bay favourite dive bar for decades. It was super fun to shoot some pool with the locals and we enjoyed some cold beers and listened to some great music! 

As a Canadian, we found it so funny that bars in Wisconsin will have games to play. We shook some dice for a quarter, then a buck to try and win the pot! Inside Brewski’s they have this AMI Jukebox that plays music from your phone! With the AMI Jukebox Music app, users can browse, select, and play songs directly from their smartphones. It was awesome! We had so much fun!

Pro Tips: A few other things to know while visiting a bar in Wisconsin is that you may want to keep your money on the bar top until you are ready to close out your tab. The second tip is to place a drink coaster on top of your drink when you are finished and ready to leave. This tells the bartender that you are ready to cash out and leave. I must thank Pam for teaching me that and I will use my own coaster to cover my drink instead of yours next time! lol


Another great bar and a well known Green Bay  favourite is called the Sardine Can. I haven’t been to a bar like this since I was a teenager. The bar was packed! The night that we visited they featured a local Wisconsin band called Wet Possum. It was a party and the place was packed! Wet Possum played all kinds of great rock music from the 90’s to 2000. They were awesome! 

Another cool bar to definitely mention is called The 70’s bar. Located just a short distance from the Sardine Can and note worthy. The entire bar is done in all 70’s nostalgia. From hula hoops, to old games like Simon this place was so cool. Think of Brady Bunch, Scooby Doo and life sized posters of John Travolta. This sing-along to tunes bar is a blast from the past and was so much fun!

For a nice outdoor bar situated along the Fox River check out the Hagemeister Park. They offer an outdoor walk-up bar and lots of outdoor comfortable seating. It is the largest riverfront patio bar in Green Bay. It’s a great place to people watch and watch the sunset over the river. 


Visiting Door County

Door County, Wisconsin, is a summer paradise renowned for its stunning landscapes, charming small towns, and abundant outdoor activities. 

Nestled between Green Bay and Lake Michigan, Door County offers visitors a perfect blend of natural beauty and quaint Midwestern charm. In summer, the region comes alive with lush greenery, vibrant wildflowers, and crystal-clear waters. 


One of the highlights is Fish Creek, a picturesque village known for its lovely shops, eateries, and waterfront views. Just a stone’s throw away is Peninsula State Park, a must-visit destination boasting 3,776 acres of forests, bluffs, and beaches. Exploring this scenic park on eBikes is a delightful experience, offering breathtaking views and serene shoreline paths. We had lunch at the Hill Street Bar on their outdoor patio bar. The food and beer was fantastic! The Bloody Mary Burger was so delicious and we loved the Spotted Cow Farmhouse Ale, a brewery in Wisconsin. 


While visiting Door County, you may want to check out the Cave Point County Park. They have beautiful views of Lake Michigan, stunning cliffs and a sandy beach. You can also rent kayaks if its a nice day and venture around the picturesque rocks.

Cottaging in Wisconsin!

Another great thing to consider when planning a trip to Wisconsin is renting a cottage! The area around Green Bay, Wisconsin, offers numerous lakes and waterways ideal for cottaging and various water activities. Notably, Lake Winnebago, the largest inland lake in the state, is renowned for its fishing opportunities and beautiful shoreline parks (Best Lakes Near Me). The Bay of Green Bay, part of Lake Michigan, provides extensive recreational opportunities such as boating, fishing, and kayaking (Discover Green Bay).

We were very lucky to be able to spend our last 2 days in Wisconsin at our friends’ cottage. Located in Oconto County, Wisconsin. It was absolutely beautiful and so relaxing. 


During our stay at the cottage we enjoyed the beautiful lake, and went out to eat at some great notable places! If you are in this area you have to check out Primal Eats.

Primal Eats is a Craft Meat Smokehouse and Restaurant located in the scenic Northwoods of Wisconsin. It is a Texas Style bbq in particular smoked meats and probably the best mac & cheese that I have ever tasted! My husband and I shared a Smoked Chicken Plate and a Bacon Jalapeno Mac & Cheese. I swear it was all so darn good. I LOVED it all but especially the roasted potatoes in a sauce and the baked beans were so sweet and delicious. It was definitely memorable.

The last night we got to check out a local fish fry at the neighbourhood pub called Trail Side Bar & Grill. They offer great food, cold drinks and the friendliest people! I had the perch fish & chips with coleslaw and that was so fresh and absolutely delicious!

I also have to note 2 other places that we stopped in while our stay. R& D’s Retreat Pub and the Blind Walleye both places had a great atmosphere and fun times! 

Primal Eats
Trail Side Bar And Grill

As our journey through Green Bay and the surrounding areas draws to a close, it’s clear that this region offers an unforgettable blend of natural beauty, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality.

From the charming dive bars of Green Bay to the serene lakes perfect for cottaging, every corner of this area promises unique experiences.

Door County, with its breathtaking landscapes, picturesque villages like Fish Creek, and the adventurous trails of Peninsula State Park, showcases the best of Wisconsin’s outdoor allure.

Whether you’re exploring on an eBike, savouring local cuisine, or simply enjoying the friendly conversations with locals, the memories made here are sure to linger long after we have left.

So, pack your bags, bring your sense of adventure, and get ready to experience the heart and soul of Wisconsin in Green Bay and beyond. 

We are so grateful to our wonderful friends and their family to have given us such a warm welcome and a memorable trip to Wisconsin. We can’t wait to visit again soon!


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    Your account of the scenic drive through the Upper Peninsula and the relaxing stay at your Jody and Paul’s cottage in Oconto County painted a beautiful picture of the area’s hospitality and natural beauty. The personal touch in your narrative, filled with family-oriented activities and heartfelt moments, made the article feel like a warm invitation to experience Green Bay’s unique charm.
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