About Me


Hi! I’m Jody the voice behind Simply Wanderfull, a blog dedicated to unique travel ideas and home cooking recipes.

I have always loved cooking and travelling and wanted to dedicate a spot online for my kids and family to have access to some of my favourite recipes.

The kitchen is truly my favourite place in the world. It’s the one place where my busy mind feels calm and the stresses of life go away for a bit. Where the wonderful aromas of simmering food, and the mindfulness of putting together a recipe that come together to feed the soul.

I equally love travelling and wandering to find new places! I love making travel itineraries that include both relaxation, outdoor adventures and of course good food! 

I really enjoy sharing my recipes and travel ideas with my family and friends. I hope that you will find my content meaningful and enjoyable. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I really appreciate your views! Happy Cooking & Travelling Adventures!

Work With Me:

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We love to partner with brands we love and that are a fit with our readers. If you’d like to work together, please contact us at simplywanderfullblog@gmail.com.