Smashed Avocado Toast Recipe

Mmmhh…what could be better than delicious bruschetta, made with your favourite artisan bread? Well, adding some smashed avocado, fresh basil, a swirl of rich balsamic vinegar and creamy honeyed goat cheese, I say! Smashed avocado toast bruschetta is packed with nutrition and bursting with flavour. This easy-peasy, crowd-pleasing recipe is Continue Reading

Keto Almond Snacking Cake Recipe

This delicious, gluten-free, almond snacking cake is light, crumbly and sweetened just right. It is a guilt-free, delicious dessert that would be great with a cup of coffee or tea. Sweetened with monk fruit erythritol, ( a healthy alternative to white, refined sugar), this snacking cake is perfect for all Continue Reading

Ultimate Girls’ Getaway: Adventure Quebec

Bonjour and welcome to the BEST Girls’ Getaway Quebec Edition! This ultimate luxury travel guide through Quebec City and beyond, includes beautiful, spa-like accommodations, quaint villages, cooking classes, e-biking, waterfalls, whale watching, Canadian maple syrup, delicious wine, charcuterie and more. While there are tons of beautiful places to discover in Continue Reading

Meatballs Gorgonzola Apple Walnut Recipe

First and foremost do you like meatballs? This recipe is clearly a different take on the traditional meatball recipe. The saltiness and texture from the gorgonzola mixed into the meatball is unlike anything that I had eaten before. Secondly the sauce is infused with apples, wine and finally walnuts which Continue Reading

Mexican Street Corn Salad Recipe

This most delicious Roasted Street Corn Salad is a great way to serve corn while it is still in season! A Fresh creamy summer salad mixed with roasted corn, mangos, avocados, peppers, tomatoes, green onions tossed in a creamy Mexican dressing. A Mexican Inspired salad that is healthy and tasty! Continue Reading